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2011 Warrior Games – Competition with other Military Service Members gives an injured Marine his life back!

June 1, 2011

Warrior Games - 2011

On Armed Forces Day and after a week of intense competition, the Marine Corps was deemed the top overall performing branch and claimed the 2011 Chairman’s Cup for the second year in a row!

Congratulations to all the competitors; every participant took something home this week, but as for Joshua Wege of the Marines, he got his life back.

Wege reflected on the week saying, “It was great to get back into team sports. I was active in sports before I was injured and this opportunity has been so important to my family and me.  I knew if I could accomplish this I was going to be okay.”   Teammate Disbro echoed his positive remarks saying, “Everyone leaves here with confidence and goals, that’s what this week is really about.”

Sgt Lee Randles

Congratulations to all the Team Semper Fi  members who participated in the Warrior Games!  TSFmember Sgt. Lee Randles competed in the recent Warrior Games in track and field and swimming events.  Randles encourages his teammates with this advice:  “Life is only as good as you make it. Work hard and don’t quit.”    Read more  about Sgt Lee Randles and his inspiring story.





2011 Chairman’s Cup Final Standings

Marine Corps        73     131.4
Navy/Coast Guard        23      59.8
Air Force        12      43.2
Army        41      41
Special Operations         4      18

2011 Ultimate Champion Final Standings

Jonathan Disbro Marine Corps        16
Jeffrey Martin Marine Corps          9
Aaron Heldreth            Navy          7
Kenny Griffith            Army          6
Cogen Nelson Marine Corps          6
John Edmonston            Navy          4
Robert Laux            Army          4
Matthew Bilancia       Air Force          3
Landon Ranker            Army          3
Juan Guerrero            Army          2


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