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Every challenge — and every solution — is unique.

Service Member and Family Support

This type of assistance comes in the form of a check that the grant recipient can put toward the expense that he or she feels is most pressing. Grants can be used to help pay for travel and lodging or to defray the costs of hospitalization and rehabilitation. Due to loss of income while at their loved one’s bedside, many families decide to use their grant money to help pay their mortgages, car payments, utilities and grocery bills. By reducing the burden of financial worries for our Service Members and their families, we allow them to instead place their much needed attention towards the recovery process.

Adaptive Housing Support

Most wheelchair bound service members and those with catastrophic injuries require adaptive housing. To ease the financial strain caused by house payments, SFF will grant up to $50,000 toward their home depending upon the need. Handicap modifications are costly, but necessary. Bathroom modifications usually cost around $25,000, while kitchen adaptations are even more expensive. Even minor renovations such as doorways and handicap ramps can cost $7,000 and $10,000 respectively. The SFF also grants assistance to those who have fallen behind on their housing payment due to injury, recovery and rehabilitation costs. Our goal is to help wounded service members remain in their homes without the added financial burden of these extra costs.

Adaptive Transportation

For those who have lost limbs or are paralyzed as a result of their injuries, modified transportation is vital for a successful rehabilitation. A modified vehicle can cost upwards of $40,000. Funding provided by the VA is applied to a handicap vehicle and depending on the service member’s need, the Semper Fi Fund pays up to $20,000 towards the remaining balance which eliminates or significantly reduces the financial burden of a car payment.

Specialized & Adaptive Equipment

This type of assistance covers any equipment that can improve the quality of life for service members with disabilities. Grants have included visual enhancement devices for the visually impaired, software programs for those who cannot type, specialized wheelchairs for those who are unable to ambulate and therapeutic mattresses for those with multiple injuries and burns.

Team Semper Fi

Injured Marines and Sailors make up the core members of Team Semper Fi. The Fund’s goal for Team Semper Fi is to provide encouragement, motivation, and individual goals through sports. This program provides an exciting outlet and powerful peer support for our wounded service members and their families. SFF provides coaches, specialized sporting equipment, team uniforms, entry fees, and travel expenses for the injured team members to compete in events across the country. Click here to find out more about the Team »

Education and Career Transition Assistance

Our Education and Career assistance is multifaceted. We assist with additional costs of books, fees, and training not covered by their education tuition programs, travel to job interviews, interview attire, computers, software and other equipment needed to pursue education opportunities and/or a new career. Through several partnership programs, we offer career-enhancing seminars and weeklong workshops that help our service men and women develop the networking, resume writing and interview skills necessary to transition into the community workplace. The seminars and workshops are offered at no cost to the participants. Our goal is to make it easier for wounded service members to thrive beyond injury recovery, to transition successfully back into their communities and start a new life.

PTSD and TBI Support

Many returning service members suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), a consequence of exposure to blasts and explosions while in theater. TBI is now so common that it has been labeled the “hallmark” of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Semper Fi Fund recognized the need for specialized assistance for these service members and implemented PTSD and TBI support to meet this growing need. To learn more, contact us directly or visit our Resources section.

Therapeutic Arts

This type of assistance provides a positive outlet for injured service members which helps accelerate their physical, emotional and mental rehabilitation. Grants for Therapeutic Arts cover areas such as musical instruments and education, arts supplies and art education.

For more information about how the Semper Fi Fund assists our injured and critically ill Service Members Click Here!

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